Claiming That Tiny Space Online


The world population stands at 7.4 billion and counting on 2nd September 2016. Click here if you’re interested to see to-date.

And in world of 7.4 billion, I am really just a tiny dot offline, now trying to claim a spot in the online space. Many people have already done that. Some very, very successful in doing so. You have blogs in almost every subject matter. You have search engines to give you answers to your endless questions. You have commerce sites to satisfy your shopping cravings in almost every product. You have forums and groups to share your ups and downs. You have applications to make life easier. All these creators, all these people like you and me already claiming their space online. I now want a piece.

Why named “icometowrite”? Simply because I do login into a platform and start to write away? I mean, instead of jotting down thoughts in scraps of papers or random note books, I simply have another avenue here to write, to share. I can now come to this space and proudly say, i come to write.

Hence, I want to experience what this space can offer me and you. Some say, they have been liberated by the online space. Some say, they have been awarded opportunities. Some even say, they’re making big bucks. But there’re also those giving up after a while. Those who could not find the direction or meaning anymore to this space they were very proud with in the beginning. Those who simply lose the will to continue on. Where would I stand? Where will I be in the end? These questions we would not have an answer to right now until the journey is over.

Could living a life online be any different than offline? Or would it give me more than I thought? You decide in the coming days. I welcome you to walk with me in this space together.



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