Taking Action


Believe it or not, we’re taking action everyday from the moment we wake up. We could be taking simple actions like what to wear or eat today to difficult actions like do i walk out that door to exercise or trying to wake up early? Sometimes, a lot of thought process and emotions lingers in our head and heart before we actually carry out the action. For example, all of us know exercise is good for the health, the early bird catches the worm the night before we doze off, but why do we still get stuck in actually doing them come the next morning? Has our determination slept off between the night before to the next morning?

Some people are great self-starters. They know what they want. They work to get it done. They took action. How about the other 95%? Didn’t we know what we want? Let’s ponder for a second, that our aim is to lose some weight like me. Probably these are our thoughts process and actions along the way:

  1. I need to lose weight. I’m so fat, I could not even fit in this top/jeans/shorts anymore (Awareness)
  2. I tell friends/family, I need to lose weight hoping to get some support. (Informing)
  3. I start to google how to lose weight. I start to read how to lose weight. I buy more books. I subscribed to endless newsletters in hope some actually share the real secret. I get in awe with success weight loss stories. (Getting caught in information overload. At this point, the brain has become quite tired.)
  4. I start to monitor my food intake.
  5. I start my exercise regimen.
  6. On the first day, I feel good for actually taking an action.
  7. Then along the way, I get doubts when I don’t see the results fast.
  8. At the end of 1 week/1 month, usually no longer. I conclude I must have done something wrong. This is not working. I’m still fat.
  9. The cycle continue. Repeat Step 1 to 8 because we now found out that it takes 66 days for a habit to kick in, and to start seeing results.

So, what now? Actions were taken. But our goals weren’t met. In our eyes and head, we’re probably thinking that we’re such a loser. When we stare again into a page similar to above, we’re reminded that time is ticking away. We’re wondering it must be a sign that God is trying to tell us something. After all, we don’t stumble into things accidentally.We asked ourselves, “If not now, when?”

We’re more motivated than before to try again. We reflect on the things that work and didn’t work the last time. We’re more determined this time to see it through no matter what. Yet, we still have that very, very small nagging voice in us reminding us how we didn’t quite achieve it the last time? Crush that voice and remind ourselves of this. (I’m printing it out.)





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