This Is Our Time


24 hours in a day. This is the fact but I used to wonder why 24, not 25, 26 or even 27. If it was more, would we hear less of statements like “I don’t have enough time!” or “How did time passed so fast?” or “Where did the time go?” or “I wish there was more time.”

Refer here or here if you have the same wonder as me. Turns out it’s another invention by the Egyptians.

Now that the curiosity has been satisfied, let’s ponder for a minute on the passing time. (In fact, it has been roughly 15 minutes since I’m stuck in this line.)

Do you stop and ponder if you have spent your time well? I mean if you’re 65, you looked back and question about the last 64 years. If you’re 37, you looked back and question about the last 36 years. Even if you’re 21, you looked back and question about the last 20 years before you get your legal freedom.

Irregardless, at whichever age, this question will come into our mind especially when we have regrets. Even more when we have bigger regrets. Perhaps some regrets that we still find courage to forgive ourselves.

a. Maybe we flunk that exam and got kicked out.

b. Maybe we did not get that promotion or score that big account.

c. Maybe we fail in that first business .

d. Maybe we did not wed our first love.

e. Maybe we were too busy and we eventually lost something/someone.

Maybe these experiences were so bitter,  the pessimistic us, are now in fear to stand up and try again. We keep replaying how we spend the time, what we did wrong, what we should have done. We keep regretting that we did not work harder in the time given. We did not spend it with so and so. And then we hear this quote over and over again. – “Time heals.” The skeptical in us asked “Does it?”

I am guilty of point (e), being too busy and slowly but surely I feel the emptiness and doubts. Question of how exactly am I spending time and with whom I was spending left me in misery. It is fortunate that I haven’t lost anyone, but I did lost myself. Was that more unfortunate? Losing yourself can be a very scary experience because then you can’t find any direction to move on. It is almost like standing on the edge of the cliff where you are prepared to jump anytime.

And then it hits me. Blaming myself would not help. Instead, choose to stand up again, face that fear, acknowledge that the past is the past, move on and choose to spend time wisely this time. This is our time to make a difference.


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