Freedom Is The Oxygen Of The Soul




If we need oxygen for our body to continue to live on, what do we need for the soul to grow?

For me, I truly believe in freedom. Specifically, freedom in doing the things we want, at the time we want, in the environment we want.

There was a time where my job was my everything. Perhaps at that point of time, money and promotions equate to freedom. I thought, the more I earn, the higher I climb, I’m bound to meet freedom at the corner. I thought, once I found this so-called freedom, I would feel more secure. I could buy anything I want, I could go anywhere I want, I can literary do anything I want. Isn’t that some kind of freedom? Yes. But I was not happy. Which could be weird for some people. In fact, maybe sound ungrateful to a handful.

What the majority did not really factor in was, was I happy with my job? Where did my time go? Was I in a happy environment?

No matter how much we earn, how high we climb, if we’re not happy and we start to question the quality of life that we’re living in, very soon, we’ll get burned out and start to struggle. We will get so frustrated things are not going our way, we lose our temper, our productivity level declined, our walls start to crumble….. what does that do to our soul?

I quit my job. I finally took a long hard look at what freedom really means. I know that it’s not about the monetary rewards anymore. So it must be something else. Something much bigger that I know despite the uncertainty ahead, getting the freedom in doing the things we want, at the time we want, in the environment we want will be worth it.

So far, it has done wonders to my soul.






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